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Oct 2

The Chicks are here!

After much worry and several phonecalls, our new chicks turned up in the post office and we brought them home! Since they had gone for nearly three days without food or water, they were lethargic, to say the least. I had to teach them how to drink water by dribbling some in their beaks and then escorting them to the water bowl one by one. They eventually caught on, and I decided to give them some food. They didn't need any caoching on how to eat! The second I put the feed bowl in their box, they all raced to it and dug in.

They are all really cute (for now), and two have a little brown stripe on their heads. I am afraid these might be roosters, but it is hard to tell for now. If they are, their lives will be short. I don't want to alienate the neighbors. Five of them are production reds, and five are goldens. The goldens seem to be less aggressive than the reds. I will have to watch to make sure they all get enough food.

The kids think this is great! They sit and watch tem through the ventilation screens, tell me when the chicks are perching on their water container, and that they need more water, Mom! even though they have plenty. Levi played chistmas music for them. He had heard on TV that music played to babies increases their brain development. I guess he wants smart chickens, though I personally favor a moderately dumb chicken--- smart enough to eat and lay eggs, dumb enought to stay happy in their pen.

here are some pictures of the little darlings:

Katie had her birthday in September of course, and here are some pictures of that event


We also went hiking in a forested area a while ago. Because of the drought, we could actually see where we were going. That is normal in the west, but here it is a strange feeling.



Hope you are all doing well. Email us with your news.