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Fun Projects in clay: Ceramics, Pottery, Fimo


Duncan Crafting and Hobby Ceramics supplies and ideas

Ceramic Arts and Crafts Supply Info about starting your own ceramics business; supplies and project ideas

Judy Maddigan's Push Molds With Push Molds and oven-bake polymer clay, anyone can become an “instant artist.” You'll find tips, techniques, ideas and inspiration here.

Pottery Making Illustrated is quarterly magazine just for potters—professional or amateur, student or instructor. PMI is filled with practical information on all aspects of pottery, such as throwing and handbuilding techniques, kiln building and firing processes, clay and glaze formulation, as well as valuable information on tools and equipment. Articles are written and photographed by potters and experts in the field, and presented in a well-illustrated easy-to-understand format. Pottery Making Illustrated provides you with the information you need to improve and expand your pottery skills, and to help you make the most of your studio time.



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